Vote for Pete Mancini

Hey. You. Yes, you! Do me a solid, wouldja? Click on this link, scroll down and look on the right side under “READER’s PICK” and vote for Pete Mancini “FLYING FIRST CLASS” as your favorite new release for week of May 3 in the Reader’s Picks. Ta!

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Avoid COOPERSTANDS at all costs!

They are wobbly and unstable, especially on carpeted surfaces, but also on a bare floor. At a recent session, my banjo took a header off the stand flat onto the studio floor and the neck snapped clean off. Cooperstand’s customer relations people were shockingly snarky and combative, it was either my fault for purchasing the…

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Promo Work for Orange Amplifiers

Eventful day; just shot some promo video for Orange Amplifiers to promote their new Acoustic Pre, which I’ve been using almost exclusively for RIC 12 in the studio. Also checking out their new TremLord 30 combo amp (featuring a shark fin “bite” switch), and the Fur Coat octave fuzz for an upcoming recording session. Many thanks…

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Support Rick Clark’s Album

I’m all over this album, playing a multiplicity of instruments, and now I’ve been given the job of producing and mixing, which will be done with the lovely and talented Matt Daniels at Arrow Sound Studios in Asheville next month. If you are a fan of The Byrds in all their various permutations, Dillard & Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers -…

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