1986 Fender ’62 Telecaster Custom reissue

  • Body: Basswood, white binding
  • Neck: Maple C-shape/Rosewood fretboard
  • Hardware: HipShot B-Bender, Gotoh tuners, stock ashtray bridge, RS GuitarWorks steel saddles
  • Pickups: Red Rhodes “Velvet Hammer,” push-pull pot on tone knob

In 1986 Chuck Prophet and I went into Guitar Center in SFO and bought a pair of brand new ’62 Telecster Custom reissues…his was Candy Apple Red, as I recall. I think this was the first year for Fender’s Made In Japan reissue series, not long after Fender employees purchased the company from CBS and tried to turn it around and bring it back to it’s glory days.

These are great guitars, and was my main axe for decades, albeit through much customisation. I’ve had the HipShot bender on there since about ’87, and I had a Duncan TS3 stack installed in the bridge position around the same time by Fat Dog at Subway Guitars in Berkeley, which I unfortunately accidentally degaussed in 2009 while using an E-Bow during a Dixie Bee-Liners session for Susanville.

I had a set of original Red Rhodes “Velvet Hammer” p/ups that I had originally intended for Aquaman, and had them installed by my old guitar tech Chuck so I could take it on the road. So currently it’s kind of a weird Clarence White Tele “tribute”/’62 Custom hybrid, though I would eventually like to have it restored to ’62 specs, and find a better home for the Velvet Hammers in another guitar.