They are wobbly and unstable, especially on carpeted surfaces, but also on a bare floor. At a recent session, my banjo took a header off the stand flat onto the studio floor and the neck snapped clean off. Cooperstand’s customer relations people were shockingly snarky and combative, it was either my fault for purchasing the wrong stand (nope, it’s a Pro-B not a Pro-G) or for not seating it properly (nope, I always make sure its securely on the stand before walking away), or because I didn’t contact them first before posting this photo on my social media page (like most working musicians I do product reviews on the side and I’m under no obligation to check with any manufacturer first). Expensive, unstable, and belligerent customer service…you’re better off with a König & Meyer stand, or, really, anything other than Cooperstand. If you value your instrument, caveat emptor!