• 12 or 20 Watts
  • Volume w/ Pull Boost, Tone, Reverb w/ Pull Deep, Speed, Tremolo, Depth & Watts, Effects Send, Effects Return (Back Panel)
  • VHT Chrome back 12” speaker

The Music Link makes VHT Amps, and they sent me this nifty combo to use on the road. It’s handwired and mod-friendly, has a Volt Switch on the underside of chassis so you can choose 12 or 20 watts, and a really gorgeous sounding 12AX7-powered spring reverb and deep vibrato. The amp ships with 6V6 power tubes, but it’s designed to accept adapters that reconfigure the output tube sockets to accept EL84’s if you want a more British flavour. Basically its something of a Princeton Reverb/Deluxe Reverb hybrid with the flexibility to generate VOX-like tones via the EL34/84 option.

On the back you’ll find a 9V DC jack for powering pedals, a level-adjustable effects loop, footswitch jacks for reverb/trem and well as the drive, line out, and speaker output jacks. It’s a feature bonanza, but easy to understand and use. They were smart to retain a pure single-channel design, as it gives you a solid foundation to expand on, should you choose to do so. I’ve seen no reason to replace the stock Chrome back speaker.

If you’re looking for a versatile tone machine voiced mainly for cleans and tasty vintage Fender-combo breakup, the 12/20 RT is the way to go. Boutique quality amplification for a fraction of the price. What’s not to love? I know this sounds like an advert, but I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t like it.

Traumatises cats and small children.