Remote Session Work

Need your tracks sweetened by an award-winning multi-instrumentalist? Via the magic of modern digital recording technology and the internet, I’ve been doing remote session work for artists all around the globe in a variety of styles, including Americana, Power Pop, Bluegrass, Mod, Folk, Rock, Country and Singer-Songwriter. You send your music tracks, and I will record overdubs specifically for your project right here in my pyjamas at Spatula Ranch (my Nashville home studio).

Tools of the Trade

I’ve had a few people ask for info and photos of my gear, so here you go. Just stating this upfront: I am not a collector. My instruments are tools, not toys, and I use everything I own. My policy is if an axe isn’t earning it’s keep, out it goes.

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Performing with Pete Mancini on “To Be Alive” on WSMV:

Tools of the Trade