Photograph of me in a hat and yellow shirt, with about 8 or more instruments.

I’ve had a few people ask for info and photos of my gear, so here you go. Just stating this upfront: I am not a collector. My instruments are tools, not toys, and I use everything I own. My policy is if an axe isn’t earning it’s keep, out it goes. Not that there aren’t drool-worthy vintage pieces I’d love to have, but then I’d be afraid to take them on the road without an armed guard. I used to think it’d be cool to find, say, a pristine ’59 Les Paul or Firebird that had been sitting under someone’s bed for 60 years at a yard sale, but frankly I’d be far more excited to find an old made in Japan “lawsuit era” Burny or Tokai instead. And there’s more great new gear on the market today than at any other time in modern history, including awesome affordable reproductions of classic (and not so classic/cheapo/bizarro) guitars that actually stay in tune and don’t squeal like a stuck pig when you plug them in. I’m always on the lookout for new effects pedals, but as far as instruments I pretty much have everything I need right now (I can’t believe I just said that). Any further purchases in the immediate future will be spares to take on tour, though that could change as needs arise. Meanwhile, enjoy poking through my herd! Just don’t get them all sticky.

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Pedal Boards & Effects