Johnston Custom Guitars T-Style

  • Body: StewMac alder/maple, semi-hollow
  • Neck: Warmouth maple/rosewood with abalone position markers
  • Hardware: Guitar Fetish pearl button Gotoh-style tuners, Guitar Parts Global powder coat bridge and control plate, stainless steel saddles, pearl topped control knobs, Forrest Lee Custom B-bender
  • Pickups: Bridge p/up is a stacked humbucker (second coil is engaged via push-pull on the volume pot) custom ordered by Johnston. Neck p/up is an old Duncan Hot Rhythm from the 80’s. Three way switch, middle position is wired for Esquire “cocked wah” sound.
  • Finish: Lake Placid Blue metal flake sparkle, matching headstock

I bought the body (StewMac) and neck (Warmouth) back in the 90’s during The Ghost Rockets days (“Aquaman” was my nickname in the group), but never got around to having it built until 2014.

Building Aquaman

John at Johnston Custom Guitars in Green Bay, Virginia is an old friend and former bandmate, and when he started his own custom guitar company, it was a no-brainer to throw the job to him. He did a fantastic job. He’s also a fine guitarist himself, playing lead with the Dirt Road Scholars…check out the band, and check out John’s work.