Endlessly inventive and versatile, voice actor Buddy Woodward has two traits directors love: he’s reliable and pliable. Woodward’s take-no-prisoners approach, in combination with his strict no-ego policy in the booth, have made hi a first-call favorite with virtually every producer and director who’s hired him.

Buddy’s palette of voices and ethnicities is vast, but his ear for timbre and pitch comes as no surprise: he’s a gifted musician too. A consummate professional, Buddy narrated an HDTV nature documentary for Cablevision’s VOOM and has guest-starred in Pokémon. His starring role in the U.S. version of hit Japanese show Ping-Ping Club gained him well-deserved praise for his comic timing and improvisational finesse.

Below are selected television and film appearances. Buddy’s reel contains excerpts from these and many other recordings, including an impressive mokumentary on The People’s Temple cult, in which Buddy portrays over 12 distinct characters — both male and female.

Selected Filmography:

Shootfighter Tekken (2005) – Voices of Grandpa (Episode CHaracter), Tenshu (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Sacrilege (2004) – Voices of Shingo (Episode Character), English Version

Behind Closed Doors (2004) – Additional Voices, English Version

F-Force (2003) – Voices of Briggan (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Bloodshadow (2003) – Voice of Akagane (Episode Character), English Version

Boogiepop Phantom (2003) – TV Series, Voices of Yuji’s Father (Episode Character), Yoshiki Tabat (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Ping-Pong Club (2002) – TV Series, Voice of Izawa (Lead Character), Dubbed Singer (titles), Propeller (titles), Additional Voices, English Version

Yakin Byoutou (2002) – Voice of Congressman (Episode Character), English Version

Jinshin Yugi (2001) – Voice of Hiroshi (Episode Character), Entglish Version

Weather Report Girl 1: In for Nasty Weather (2001) – Voice of Yamagishi (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Weather Report Girl 2 : Warm Fronts in Collision (2001) – Voice of Yamagishi (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Irresponsible Captain Tylor (2001) – TV Series, Voice of Ensign Kojiro Sakai (Lead Character), English Version

Assemble Insert (2001) – Voice of Izubuchi (Lead Character), Follower (Episode Character), Additional Voices, English Version

Space Travelers (2000) – Voice of Frank (Supporting Character), English Version

Dutch Wife 28 (1998) – Voice of Aiwa (Lead Character), English Version

His and Her Circumstances (1998) – TV Series, Voices of Kazuma Ikeda (Episode Character) and Miyako’s Father (Episode Character), English Version

Selected TV Appearances:

Great Africa (2005) – Narrator, Five-Part HDTV Documentary Special for Tokyo Broadcasting System’s BS-i and Cablevision’s VOOM

Pokémon “The Crystal Onyx” (2000) – Voice of Mateo The Glassblower (Guest Star Character)