2010 AXL “Badwater”

  • Body: Laminate maple, semi-hollow with centre block, matte sunburst
  • Neck: Maple/rosewood
  • Hardware: Guitar Fetish “X-trem,” XGP Slick Guitars brass button tuners, Wilkinson brass roller bridge, gold Casino control
  • : DiMarzio EJ Custom

I have an endorsement deal with AXL, but sadly they no longer make this model, because it was a quite serviceable ES-335 copy, with a worn, reliced finish and a great feeling neck, and an excellent platform for customisation.

I found it for $100 on eBay, and upgraded all the hardware and electronics. It originally came with EMG passive pickups (their version of Gibson PAF’s), which were okay, but I wanted a bit more sparkle, and the DiMarzio EJ Customs were recommended to me (also purchased used on eBay). They were designed in collaboration with the legendary Eric Johnson to sit somewhere between a PAF and a Filter’Tron. The Guitar Fetish/XGP “Slick” branded 14:1 bronze geared tuners are especially nice.

I use D’Addario NYXL .10-.52 gauge strings. Really a lovely guitar with lots of snap and snarl…I suppose you can consider this a “BS-335.”